Timely, managed trash receptacles needed

Published: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 12:00 PM.

It's a shameful disgrace. 

While walking this Saturday, my wife and I passed by the city dock at 10 Foot Hole. What we witnessed was disgraceful, garbage strewn all around the one insufficient receptacle beside the boat launch. It was a truly sad, reprehensible sight. Seeing some of the mess was about to get into the water, including an empty antifreeze can, I went home, got big trash bags and gathered up the mess myself. 

If trash receptacles are going to be provided, they need to be managed and serviced on a timely basis; that isn't happening. I assume Mayor Johnson would be aware of this situation since I see him riding around the area in his golf cart.

I realize this condition is only symptomatic of a portion of the citizenry that has little regard for the appearance of our community and less regard for the health of the bay. However, if the mayor and council will take decisive, actionable steps to address this matter, maybe the beauty of our city will be preserved; but, it will take leadership. 

Thank you, 

Lacey Robinson 


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