• The living power of osmosis

    Most of what I learned from my Daddy was through osmosis. He never talked much except to Mama. They were inseparable. Pop’s Daddy died when he was at Emory University studying to be a baron of ... READ MORE

  • Freedom of speech, but not morally correct

    Over the last few weeks I had the unfortunate experience of seeing our county clerk of courts on television being accused of wrongdoing by a couple of so-called distinguished Franklin County ...


  • Garden club supports Veterans Park repairs

    The Bradford pear, Pyrus calleryana, was introduced from China in the early 1960’s. They were widely planted because of the showy white spring blossoms and beautiful red fall flowers. Because ...


  • Here’s a few other non-enforced laws

    In answer to David Hinton’s letter to the editor (See Jan. 22 Times. “Is headlight law ever enforced?), No, David, headlight laws are never enforced in Franklin County. Neither are wiper laws, ... READ MORE

  • Clerk should be fired, or step down

    I am in agreement with both Mr. Satterfield (See Jan. 22 letter “Sanders should lead inquiry regarding public trust”) and Mr. Feifer (See Jan. 22 letter “State should audit the clerk’s books”) ... READ MORE

  • Carrabelle homeowners are standing up for their rights

    I was a bit bemused by William Yeomans' letter to the editor which appeared in The Times' Jan. 15 edition. (See “Time to protect Carrabelle’s way of life”). Mr. Yeomans decried the proposed ...


  • Sanders should lead inquiry regarding public trust

    I have attended previous Franklin County Commission meetings and spent hours reviewing the commission meeting videos, and as such I was prepared to take issue with my commissioner, Cheryl Sanders...


  • Is headlight law ever enforced?

    On the morning of Jan. 11, while driving through Lanark Village in foggy conditions, I notice a large number of vehicles driving without their headlights on.  This was about 10:50 a.m. which...


  • Feifer tries to be cop, prosecutor and judge

    During the Jan. 6 meeting of the Franklin County Commissioners, CCFC (Concerned Citizens of Franklin County, Inc.) President Allan Feifer made a presentation to the commissioners in which he laid... READ MORE

  • State should audit the clerk’s books

    At the Jan. 6 meeting of the board of county commissioners, during the clerk of court comments section of that meeting, the CCFC (Concerned Citizens of Franklin County, Inc.) delivered a prepared...


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