• Please admit a horrible wrong

    Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Gov. Rick Scott, Michael Crews, secretary of the Dept. of Corrections; attorney Linville Atkins, State Senator Bill Montford, State Representative ...


  • Graham too naïve to be in Congress

    The expression on my friend’s face, a lifelong Democrat, appeared to be one of disappointment or disgust, maybe even despair. He had just learned that his candidate for Congress, second ...


  • Do you trust school board to hire superintendent?

    Here we go again. Just give me your right to vote. I know what’s good for you. Trust me!

    How many times have you heard this song and dance? It’s usually about taxes but now it’s about your ...


  • With countywide voting, appointing superintendent might work

    In reading the editorial Ms. Butler wrote in the paper last week (See “Hired vs. elected superintendent: A personal view”) I found some things I do not agree with. I did, however, notice that n... READ MORE

  • Churches must adapt to modern culture

    In recent weeks, the church I have the honor to serve as pastor made a decision to move our Sunday evening Bible study to an “as announced” status. This means that the church will not have a ...


  • Day of Reckoning

    Our heart remembers and mourns the loss of the innocent victims murdered that tragic September morning, 9/11/2001, 13 years ago today.


    Bin Laden's evil terrorist regime plotted a ...


  • Apalachicola airport experience friendly, helpful

    In support of Crystal Air, here are the facts we have experienced at our airport: 1. Airport and facilities are neat, clean and well-maintained, hangar bathrooms included. 2. Staff is profe... READ MORE

  • Educator’s dreams realized in students

    Dear old Quinn High School student Mrs. Betty Croom Wright, Oklahoma Educators Hall of Famer,

    Mrs. Betty Croom Wright is a graduate of Quinn High School. Betty, your classmates and the city ...


  • Let’s respect our correctional officers

    I have read the recent news about the 2012 scalding death of one of our South Florida inmates. As the wife of a state legislator and a person who has spent countless hours volunteering directly ...


  • Thanks for caring for a great old town

    I just returned from Apalachicola visiting my daughter Deborah Horn in her house celebrating her July 3 birthday and my July 4 birthday. We fell in love with this lovely town on many summer ...


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