• Reflections on Christo Poloronis

    I didn’t see Christo this past September when we were there. I was told he wasn’t well. At times during each of our past 25 years, I would see him on his bicycle. Other times, I might just see ... READ MORE

  • Pay unwarranted for undocumented comp time

    The basic question in the comp time claims issue (See Nov. 20 Times “Guidance sought on comp time claims), is whether the employee is a salaried employee or is an employee who is paid an hourly ... READ MORE

  • Take ‘Preservation Action’ on these two projects

    We write to urge the elected and appointed representatives of the City of Apalachicola to take Preservation Action.

    If the City of Apalachicola is to live up to its National Trust reputation ...


  • Promises broken around Christmas tree

    Where is our tree? Back on April 8, 2014 the city of Apalachicola destroyed the centerpiece of many a Christmas holiday season past, the tree. At the time Jim Bachrach said the old tree had ... READ MORE

  • State park proposals questioned

    I just learned several days ago about the proposal to further develop the state park on St. George Island. My husband and I attended the meeting where, among many others, I voiced a few...


  • A sad and troubling week

    This was another sad and very troubling week in and for Franklin County government, and for county citizens as well. In addition to a deferred sentencing hearing put off for a month or two for ... READ MORE

  • Please don’t blame the bears

    As the TDC continues to gouge local tourists, burden local businesses, and serve as a shill for the local real estate industry, perhaps they might want to include the attached picture in their ...


  • Seafood festival a reminder of change

    It's Sunday night after the Apalachicola Seafood Festival. I arrive by bicycle at Ten-Foot Hole, the extraordinarily plain stretch of land flanking the underbelly of the Apalachicola Bridge and ...


  • Bible is clear about palliative care

    The Medical Marijuana Amendment failed to pass in Florida last Tuesday, Nov. 4. Some of you might be surprised to know I was in favor of the amendment and quite surprised when it failed to pass. ...


  • Ten public safety reasons to vote ‘yes’

    As a former U.S. Customs Service special agent whose responsibilities included directing the marine units that seized marijuana and dangerous drugs entering Florida’s southwest coast, I believe ... READ MORE

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