• Please don’t blame the bears

    As the TDC continues to gouge local tourists, burden local businesses, and serve as a shill for the local real estate industry, perhaps they might want to include the attached picture in their ...


  • Seafood festival a reminder of change

    It's Sunday night after the Apalachicola Seafood Festival. I arrive by bicycle at Ten-Foot Hole, the extraordinarily plain stretch of land flanking the underbelly of the Apalachicola Bridge and ...


  • Bible is clear about palliative care

    The Medical Marijuana Amendment failed to pass in Florida last Tuesday, Nov. 4. Some of you might be surprised to know I was in favor of the amendment and quite surprised when it failed to pass. ...


  • Ten public safety reasons to vote ‘yes’

    As a former U.S. Customs Service special agent whose responsibilities included directing the marine units that seized marijuana and dangerous drugs entering Florida’s southwest coast, I believe ... READ MORE

  • Why I am against appointing the superintendent

    I grew up in the southeastern hills of Kentucky. The superintendent was appointed, then school board members who had the exact same views as the appointed superintendent were supported and ...


  • How hiring a superintendent would work

    A recent letter to the editor (see Oct. 9 Times “Do you trust school board to hire superintendent?”) regarding the upcoming November ballot measure dealing with how the school superintendent of ...


  • Should school ‘super’ be a popularity contest?

    I understand the ballot question of Elected vs. Appointed School Board Superintendent is an effort to raise our Franklin County ranking above the bottom... In my day I think Curt McLean was the... READ MORE

  • Graham got it right on our river

    After 25 years of fruitless litigation efforts to secure an equitable allocation in downstream flow, why oppose Governor Scott’s Supreme Court suit now? On the surface, the Florida complaint ...


  • County has produced qualified superintendents

    First of all, anyone who loves freedom should never give up their right to vote on any issue.

    Those who say that the hired superintendent will be a better choice do not have their facts ...


  • Vole ‘No’ on legalizing medical marijuana

    The famous Philosopher George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The question for Florida voters in November is whether Floridians want to be ... READ MORE

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