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Cap'n Gill

Published: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 02:31 PM.

Least that’s what everybody tells me when I tell it. It’s like, “Keep yo’ mouth shut and let folks think you’re stupid or say something and remove all doubt.” It wasn’t the dumbest thing I have ever done but it ranks right up at the top. I’ve claimed to be a lot of things but smart ain’t one of ‘em. So here goes.

I’m on my sixth Toyota Land Cruiser since 1972. I just like ‘em. My last one was a 1987, that had belonged to two different Mamas and all they did was haul kids back and to, and such and they had never even put it in four-wheel drive. It was nice and I have to have something like that to pull out my 28-foot Adventure Craft houseboat, “Lily,” my river tour boat.

So when a storm’s coming I haul her out on this big special made trailer and park her in our front yard right across from the boat ramp at the Mill Pond. (The city got a grant to build a boat yard and a haul-out right in our front yard almost and there’s a big pile of dirt where they’re diggin’ a retention pond. At first I thought they might be building a community Olympic swimming pool, which would have been a lot better than the dog park they proposed at one time.)

Any way this storm was comin’ and so I figured I’d better haul “Lily” out, so I drove her down Scipio Creek to the Mill Pond, tied her up and got my Land Cruiser with the trailer hooked up and positioned them on the boat ramp in gear with the emergency brake on like I’ve done no tellin’ how many times. Now “Lily” has a lot of surface area so when the winds blowin’ it’s like trying to dock a sailboat with the sails up. Whenever I do this, Lane always asks if she can help but me being so hard headed I always say, “No thanks.”

So I cranked “Lily” up and started linin’ her up to get on the trailer, well the wind was blowing straight up Scipio Creek really hard and I was having a time controllin’ her and gettin’ her lined up but I finally did and everything was perfect, almost snug but not quite. So, I gave her a little goose and when I did my truck jumped out of gear and here she came rolling down the boat ramp toward me. You can’t image a worse helpless, sinking feeling, but I was able to brace my truck with my boat and hold her steady until a gust got me and I knocked out my back window, then I knew I was done for and my Land Cruiser was headed for the bottom of the creek.

When, lo and behold, out of nowhere came these three guys who got in the water, secured my truck, then pulled my truck and trailer out with their truck, unhooked my trailer and towed my truck to my yard, came back hooked up my trailer with their truck and pulled out “Lily.” Of course they wouldn’t let me do anything for them and they came back by my house three times just to see if I was OK, they weren’t worried about my equipment they were concerned about me.

Hey, that’s the way it is around here, everybody looks after each other, if you need help you don’t have to ask. What a blessing for me that Larry Segree and his crew were working on their shrimp boat at the Mill Pond when I needed help.

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