• VA Benefits, Compensation

    What is that Veteran’s Administration (VA) compensation everyone is hearing about? How does a veteran rate this benefit?  More properly called Disability Compensation this is a benefit paid ... READ MORE

  • The Fourth, Julius, and a band of little Caesars

    On July 4, 1776, members of the Second Continental Congress approved the final version of the Declaration of Independence, formally separating America’s 13 colonies from the British crown. Annual... READ MORE

  • Supreme Court has shredded the Constitution

    Five lawyers in black robes have shredded the Constitution of the United States. In the middle of the many emotions that flow among the opponents and, now victorious proponents, of homosexual “... READ MORE

  • USAF acknowledges Agent Orange exposure

    Hot off the presses! The Department of Veteran Affairs is now acknowledging the exposure to Agent Orange/Dioxin for Air Force members, flight, ground and medical, of the regular Air Force and ...


  • Secret Lives of Words: Fishing in June

    June is a fine month for fishing, as ancient Romans and Apalachicolans would agree. In Eastpoint, across the bridge from Apalach, Charles and Rex Pennycuff hosted the 16th annual Fisherman’s ... READ MORE

  • Where are your papers?

    We all remember the shows where the snide official approaches the dashing hero and demands “your papers please” in that sneering way bureaucrats do. Builds a little tension to the story line, but... READ MORE

  • Bear hunt ineffective, unscientific, inhumane

    On June 24, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will vote on a proposal to open a trophy hunt on Florida’s unique subspecies of black bears. They were removed from the list of ... READ MORE

  • Remembering Marabeth

    A few days ago, Apalachicola tragically and very unexpectedly lost a lovely and valued citizen, Marabeth Farmer. She had been a persistent champion of preservation of our trees and related storm ... READ MORE

  • The definition of character

    My Mama used to always say about folks “He’s the salt of the Earth.” “She has a good face.” Or “Ole Joe is Ole Joe every day of the week.”

    I always wondered, “What does that mean anyway?” But...


  • Vet's Corner: Change is going to come, slowly

    My apologies to Sam Cooke for that bit of literary license. As many of you are aware, from the continuous coverage by the media, the Veteran’s Administration (VA) has been implementing a variety ... READ MORE

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