• California seeks to ease restrictions on Gulf oysters

    A June 27 notice issued by the California Dept. of Public Health is seeking public comment on a proposed rule change regarding the allowable level of microbial Vibrio vulnificus in post-harvest ...


  • Why I returned to Iowa

    As I leave Weems Memorial Hospital from the position of CEO, I want to share some of the background for my decision. I am speaking only for myself and neither the hospital board of trustees nor ...


  • Toxic coal ash puts river at risk

    Early this year, the picturesque Dan River in North Carolina was hit by a devastating toxic spill that spread 70 miles downstream, poisoning the water and everything in it. Why am I telling you ...


  • I don’t believe I told that!

    Least that’s what everybody tells me when I tell it. It’s like, “Keep yo’ mouth shut and let folks think you’re stupid or say something and remove all doubt.” It wasn’t the dumbest thing I have ...


  • Is it a bird, is it a plane?

    This week’s Chasing Shadows column asks a question that’s a little different. The above picture was captured by a motion-triggered, infrared, game camera placed on a rock across from a pond in a ...


  • Rural counties benefit in state budget

    The Florida Legislature adjourned Sine Die on Friday, May 2 concluding its normal business and passing a balanced state budget. On Monday, June 2, Gov. Rick Scott signed the largest budget in ...


  • Property profiles easily, cheaply obtainable

    Q. I received a notice from Local Records Office stating I could send them $89 for a complete property profile and copy of the only document that identifies me as a property owner. What is this?


  • Chasing Shadows: Just an old salt (cauldron)

    Franklin County has always been salty!

    This antique metal cauldron was discovered in the mud at Alligator Harbor by Gail Heuring. It is currently on display outside of the Carrabelle History ...


  • Chasing Shadows: A Gorrie chair made to specifications

    A chair from the Gorrie Furniture Company speaks to the history and commerce of the last century in the county.

    Historian Valerie Sherlock, who has authored a biography of Dr. John Gorrie, ...


  • Montford supports Floridians with Senate votes

    The 2014 Legislative Session was productive and meaningful for the State of Florida. Senator Bill Montford (D-Tallahassee) was an active part in passing many bills that will help the hardworking ... READ MORE

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