• Oysters and beer: From A to Z

    When I’m thinking of oysters I naturally think of our beloved Oyster City, Apalachicola, the A#1 oyster capitol of the Western World! Like us, the ancient Romans loved feasting on these ugly ... READ MORE

  • Court order blocks public view in water fight

    Do you want to know where the candidates stand on the issues? You should. That’s a central tenet of a functioning democracy and separates us from the dictatorships that rule over much of the rest... READ MORE

  • Remembering a great lady of Carrabelle

    Did you know Miss Mary Westberg? By anyone’s evaluation, she was a great lady of Carrabelle. Her tiny size encased her huge heart and love for her town, her family and friends, and all that was ... READ MORE

  • Out to See October 9, 2014

    Artist association holds open house tonight Come out to the Artists of Apalachicola Association‘s open house and ribbon cutting this evening, on Thursday, Oct 9 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the new O... READ MORE

  • Hired vs. elected superintendent: A personal view

    There are reasons that there are few elected superintendents left in Florida and elsewhere. It does not allow for a big enough pool of applicants, qualified people often do not want to become ...


  • UF: Recreational anglers could be entitled to millions

    Recreational anglers who normally fish in the Gulf of Mexico lost up to $585 million from lost fishing opportunities in the year of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and could be entitled to ...


  • UF: Oil residue in Gulf two years after BP spill

    Oil residue remained in the Gulf of Mexico two years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to a study headed by a University of Florida professor.

    A team lead by professor Thomas S...


  • California seeks to ease restrictions on Gulf oysters

    A June 27 notice issued by the California Dept. of Public Health is seeking public comment on a proposed rule change regarding the allowable level of microbial Vibrio vulnificus in post-harvest ...


  • Why I returned to Iowa

    As I leave Weems Memorial Hospital from the position of CEO, I want to share some of the background for my decision. I am speaking only for myself and neither the hospital board of trustees nor ...


  • Toxic coal ash puts river at risk

    Early this year, the picturesque Dan River in North Carolina was hit by a devastating toxic spill that spread 70 miles downstream, poisoning the water and everything in it. Why am I telling you ...


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