• VA Benefits, Compensation

    What is that Veteran’s Administration (VA) compensation everyone is hearing about? How does a veteran rate this benefit?  More properly called Disability Compensation this is a benefit paid ... READ MORE

  • The Fourth, Julius, and a band of little Caesars

    On July 4, 1776, members of the Second Continental Congress approved the final version of the Declaration of Independence, formally separating America’s 13 colonies from the British crown. Annual... READ MORE

  • Supreme Court has shredded the Constitution

    Five lawyers in black robes have shredded the Constitution of the United States. In the middle of the many emotions that flow among the opponents and, now victorious proponents, of homosexual “... READ MORE

  • Deadline looms for GRASI comments

    Just a reminder to the citizens of Franklin County that the deadline for GRASI comments is July 6,2015. After this the Air Force will decide not if, but when, they will confiscate our public ... READ MORE

  • Questions about ‘working people’ and ‘garden homes’

    Some observations and questions regarding the “Affordable Housing Project” under consideration for Apalachicola: Is this housing really intended for “working people?” To be eligible, a couple l... READ MORE

  • Details sought about mandatory trash pick-up

    About the recent articles concerning mandatory trash pick-up (See April 2 Times “Contractors warned about prohibited roadside trash” and April 23 Times “County flirts with mandatory trash pick-up... READ MORE

  • Sheriff Mock at a crossroads

    I just read the message on Sheriff Mock's Facebook page and then re-read it because it was difficult to comprehend the apparent apology for Massey's behavior. The sheriff apparently contends th... READ MORE

  • Magnolia Cemetery needs better maintaining

    Good morning! I made a trip to my birthplace of Apalachicola last week and on this occasion I visited the graves of my parents and brothers in the Magnolia Cemetery to place some flowers on the... READ MORE