• Remembering Marabeth

    A few days ago, Apalachicola tragically and very unexpectedly lost a lovely and valued citizen, Marabeth Farmer. She had been a persistent champion of preservation of our trees and related storm ... READ MORE

  • The definition of character

    My Mama used to always say about folks “He’s the salt of the Earth.” “She has a good face.” Or “Ole Joe is Ole Joe every day of the week.”

    I always wondered, “What does that mean anyway?” But...


  • Vet's Corner: Change is going to come, slowly

    My apologies to Sam Cooke for that bit of literary license. As many of you are aware, from the continuous coverage by the media, the Veteran’s Administration (VA) has been implementing a variety ... READ MORE

  • Details sought about mandatory trash pick-up

    About the recent articles concerning mandatory trash pick-up (See April 2 Times “Contractors warned about prohibited roadside trash” and April 23 Times “County flirts with mandatory trash pick-up... READ MORE

  • Sheriff Mock at a crossroads

    I just read the message on Sheriff Mock's Facebook page and then re-read it because it was difficult to comprehend the apparent apology for Massey's behavior. The sheriff apparently contends th... READ MORE

  • Magnolia Cemetery needs better maintaining

    Good morning! I made a trip to my birthplace of Apalachicola last week and on this occasion I visited the graves of my parents and brothers in the Magnolia Cemetery to place some flowers on the... READ MORE

  • Countywide trash pick-up a positive step

    I was pleased to read in The Times (See April 23 Times “County flirts with mandatory trash pick-up”) that the Franklin County Commission is considering countywide mandatory trash pick-up. This ... READ MORE

  • Dr. Thorn’s advice was proper, and timely

    A recent USA Today poll found that there are more hard drinkers in Franklin County than anywhere else in Florida. I don't believe that I am alone in observing that to be a true statement. Dr. ... READ MORE