• Oysters and beer: From A to Z

    When I’m thinking of oysters I naturally think of our beloved Oyster City, Apalachicola, the A#1 oyster capitol of the Western World! Like us, the ancient Romans loved feasting on these ugly ... READ MORE

  • Court order blocks public view in water fight

    Do you want to know where the candidates stand on the issues? You should. That’s a central tenet of a functioning democracy and separates us from the dictatorships that rule over much of the rest... READ MORE

  • Remembering a great lady of Carrabelle

    Did you know Miss Mary Westberg? By anyone’s evaluation, she was a great lady of Carrabelle. Her tiny size encased her huge heart and love for her town, her family and friends, and all that was ... READ MORE

  • Duck hunting, bird watching do not mix

    I’m writing to bring your attention to a problem encountered this recent Thanksgiving morning. My family had been visiting the “Forgotten Coast” area for several years and had the privilege of ...


  • Downtown Apalachicola does not belong to Main Street

    One cannot help but notice the aesthetic changes brought to, or rather, inflicted upon Apalachicola by the local affiliate of Main Street America, a national organization according to its ... READ MORE

  • Saving the day on a lonely, dark road

    Christmas time. Happy Sunday afternoon in Tallahassee bowling with my grandsons, the younger of whom was especially sweet and helpful, with an eye to buttering grandmother up for a cool Christmas...


  • Laughter is the best medicine

    I think the call for an apology from Mr. Adlerstein for his review of the Panhandle Players’ The Hallelujah Girls (See Nov. 27 Times “‘Hallelujah Girls’ gushes with fresh blood) is due to a ...


  • Stop feeding bears, and secure garbage

    Editor’s note: This letter refers to an Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission action on Dec. 4 in which FWC officials captured a bear in the Lake Mary neighborhood where a woman was ... READ MORE