• Oh yes, we do ‘leave a trace’

    While booking my fourth vacation in the last year through the Resort Vacation Properties' website recently, I was made aware of the "Leave No Trace" ordinance. I am a property owner o... READ MORE

  • Don’t miss chance to save local treasure

    Greetings from Georgia. This summer, I had the privilege of spending a few weeks in Apalach, working on my senior thesis for graduation. To aid in my work, my grandmother pointed me towards the ... READ MORE

  • Judge character by values, not bank accounts

    Lois Swoboda's coverage of the abuse of power and trial of local, well-connected in the court system, employee, was well-done (See “Hearing tracks probation officer’s trail” in March 26 Times). I...


  • What a lightning strike taught me

    Upon receiving the telephone call telling me that my house was on fire after being struck by lightning, I didn't know what to think (See Jan. 29, 2015 Times “Lightning strike destroys island home... READ MORE

  • Offenders have no right to ignore ordinances

    In the March 5 issue of The Times (See page 1, “Residents differ over toughening RV laws”) was an article recounting the latest county commissioners' meeting concerning current RV laws. According... READ MORE