• California seeks to ease restrictions on Gulf oysters

    A June 27 notice issued by the California Dept. of Public Health is seeking public comment on a proposed rule change regarding the allowable level of microbial Vibrio vulnificus in post-harvest ...


  • Why I returned to Iowa

    As I leave Weems Memorial Hospital from the position of CEO, I want to share some of the background for my decision. I am speaking only for myself and neither the hospital board of trustees nor ...


  • Toxic coal ash puts river at risk

    Early this year, the picturesque Dan River in North Carolina was hit by a devastating toxic spill that spread 70 miles downstream, poisoning the water and everything in it. Why am I telling you ...


  • Let’s respect our correctional officers

    I have read the recent news about the 2012 scalding death of one of our South Florida inmates. As the wife of a state legislator and a person who has spent countless hours volunteering directly ...


  • Thanks for caring for a great old town

    I just returned from Apalachicola visiting my daughter Deborah Horn in her house celebrating her July 3 birthday and my July 4 birthday. We fell in love with this lovely town on many summer ...


  • Where was Pam Nobles

    Dear Editor, My wife, myself and many of our friends were wondering why Pam Nobles and her "Dancing Troupe of Young Men & Women" weren't included in the 4th of July Parade (held o... READ MORE

  • Dear Cus, did you see the letter in the Times

    Dear Cus, did you see the letter in the Times from the lady that is supporting Gwen Graham and Nancy Pelosi for Congress? (See “Southerland salvo just Tea Party extremism” pg. A4, June 5, 2014 ... READ MORE

  • Time to close Sikes Cut

    In response to the June 5 article about the oyster harvest being cut back (see “Cuts in store for summer oyster harvest,” pg. A1), if low river flow is in fact the "new normal," it ...