Was something strange in the sky over Apalachicola on Saturday, February 9?

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published a reported UFO sighting submitted by a witness who listed Apalachicola as his or her location. The following report submitted the same evening as the sighting allegedly occurred,

“(I) was in my backyard with my dog. Looking toward the front of my house, I saw a bright orangish light, moving at a fairly fast clip in a northwesterly direction. Thinking the object seemed strange I went to the front of my house to get a better view. There I saw another orangish light moving in line with the first.

“At this point, I called to my partner in the house and she came out and saw the lights, as well. Another 2 lights followed behind these lights. The lights seemed to be evenly spaced. I watched as the lights quickly went from being very bright to being tiny and then disappearing completely. This all happened within perhaps three to four minutes, perhaps less.”

Herman Bell, chief of Public affairs for the 325 Fighter Wing said Tyndall Air Force Base  did not have any aircraft scheduled in this area on Saturday evening.

A woman named “Darlene,” who described herself as a resident of Carrabelle Beach, posted a comment about the above report online through MUFON on Monday, stating that she and her husband had also seen the lights on Feb. 9.

“He had just come home from going to town and was yelling for me to come out to see the "strange" lights,” she wrote.. We never saw anything like it before. Would be interesting to find out what it was.”

The same evening, a similar phenomenon was reported at 11:45 in Tampa.

The reporting witness wrote, “I was outside smoking a cigarette, I looked to the east then I saw a large orange/reddish star-like object rise straight up above the tree line as if it was taking off into the air. (Maybe 10 miles away) Once it rose to a certain distance, another one followed behind it.

“When those two rose to a distance they became just a reddish color, then they began traveling west, another one, a third one, rose from the tree line, rising straight up, then following the two proceeding ones. I was just watching in shock, thinking I wish I had my camera. When the first one had passed overhead at a far distance, the second one wasn’t too far behind. I watched them both head west toward Orion, then they disappeared completely, when they should have been somewhat visible.’

“I saw the fourth rise from behind the tree line (like the three before them) it was also an orange/reddish color, almost glowing with it until getting to a certain distance into the atmosphere, I’m not sure? They just became a red color once they started traveling west. While I watched all 4 of them rise, I didn’t notice a sound around me at all. But it was when the 4th one rose that I ran into my house to get my phone to film them. When I came back out the 3rd one was already disappearing into thin air as it got closer to the Orion constellation as well. The video I took of the 4th one, it is in the middle of the screen for the most part. It a red dot but its visible. At some points it disappears, but shows back up. There are some street lights in the video as well, but it’s taken of the 4th one as it starts heading west, above and then as far west as I could see it on the camera screen.”

The Tampa witness did mange to film something with his or her phone and the video is posted online at http://www.mufon.com/mufonreports.html.

According to the website, MUFON began May 31, 1969 as the Midwest UFO Network and later become Mutual UFO Network after it outgrew its Midwestern state boundaries. That allowed the acronym MUFON to remain as the organization matured.

MUFON is currently the largest and oldest UFO organization in the world that publishes a monthly journal, holds an annual symposium, has a structured field investigator training program and currently has more than 800 trained field investigators and a membership of 2,800 people. It reports that it has computerized UFO case management system, trained underwater dive team, an an active business board of directors.