On Monday, Jan. 27, a group of 23 outstanding students was treated to lunch at the Apalachicola Seafood Grill and Steakhouse by Superintendent of Schools Nina Marks. Each member of the group is a Seahawk Scholar student from grades six through 12 at the Franklin County School, in other words, a Straight A student.

Pictured above, front row, from left, are Astrid Ramirez, Emily Crosby, Brooke Frye, Lea Venable, Allie Kirvin and Austin Carter. Middle row from left, are Kt Nessley, Jessica Rudd, Kasey Howard and Tevis Page. Back row, from left, are Amelia Newman, Nina Marks, Maliek Rhodes, Chase Taranto, Tyanna Townsend, Aaliyah West, Melody Hatfield and Mallorie Shiver.

After enjoying a meal at the historic grill, the students received dessert compliments of the Apalachicola Chocolate Factory. Seahawk Scholars in grades Kindergarten through five received their treat on Jan. 27. Roughly 100 students who maintained a Straight A average were given hot fudge sundaes in the culinary arts room as a reward for their hard work.