The Irish Town II was raised on Monday.

The 43-foot shrimp boat, built in 1970, sank early Sunday, Nov. 24 after capsizing in a gust of wind while lowering her outrigger arms. Her crew was forced to swim to safety through frigid waters on the first cold day of winter.

The Irish Town II rapidly took on water and sank in the channel, creating an impediment to navigation.

Owner Kenneth Martina, arriving on the scene soon after the mishap, was able to move the boat from the channel on the same day but efforts to raise the vessel dragged on for over a week. The salvage efforts have drawn an audience along the waterfront.

Workers finally succeeded in raising the Irish Town II, around dusk Monday, using a crane mounted on a barge. Once the boat was pumped out, she was towed to moorings at the Mill Pond where Martina is assessing damage to the boat.

Its around $20,000, said Martina. He said he had no insurance on the boat.

Im working to get the engine and the transmission running, now, he said. Ill be working on her for a year or so.

The dock beside the pier was littered with a waterlogged microwave and other items offloaded from the Irish Town II.

At least shes floating, said Martina. I have another shrimp boat so my brother and I can keep working. This is really more of a sideline for me and thats a good thing.